Film & television

Why We Hate, Discovery Channel (Produced by Steven Speilberg and Alex Gibney): Consultant and talking head on the evolution of extreme social bonding (May 2019).

Sky Sports News: Expert interview regarding racism toward Raheem Sterling (November 2018).

Extraordinary Rituals, BBC2: Research contributions to the series (Chief Consultant: Prof Harvey Whitehouse, Univ. Oxford). (September 2018).

Fights, Camera, Action, Channel 5: Expert on football violence and World Cup football (June 2018).

radio & POdcast

Stories and interviews with:

BBC Radio 5 Live: Sarah Brett Show with Geoff Lloyd (Jun 2019). Thoughts on the bystander effect, how we evolved to cooperate, and kindness in other species.

BBC Radio 4: World at One (1.4m listeners) (June 2019). Discussing fan disorder and the problem with patriarchy.

BBC Radio 4: World at One (March 2019). Discussing cocaine use and football violence.

(Podcast) Freakonomics: How Sports Became Us (Ep. 349)

Newstalk (Ireland): Moncrieff Show (June 2018)

BBC Radio 5 Live: 20 minute feature interview (July 2016)

BBC regional stations: interviews with many local radio stations (2016-18)